X-Safari is an interactive game created as part of Ruth Sancho’s Master in Arts by Research in RMIT University (Melbourne, Australia). The game combines physical and digital play and aims to improve children self-esteem in hospital as well as changing the hospital environment in a more joyful and playful place. The project was implemented within another game (Doctor Giggles, see in previous page) in two hospitals in Spain: Hospital de La Fe (Valencia) and Hospital Sant Joan de Deu (Barcelona). The case study run for a period of 5 days in total.

X-Safari is a game where a little horse need to find all the animals hidden in a magical island. The avatar (the horse) is move through a hand glove created in order to help children to use their hand as it was a project that explored physical and digital games in hospital to improve children hands movility.

Furthermore, to personilize the game experience children, parents and relatives were invited to create shadow puppets and puppets using medical equipment to put their animals puppets inside the game as well as their name graffities made by X-rays.

Safari 1

Artistic Team

Project Director: Ruth Sancho Huerga

Graphic Designer: Yue Yue Mo

Sound Designer: Courtney Blackney

Programmer: Rhys Sullivan

Special thanks to Exertion Games Lab


Hospital Sant Joan de Deu 2013 (2) 065

Hospital Sant Joan de Deu 2013 (2) 058