Visual Poetry. The Shadows of the Words

ThE Shadows. ChinaThe Shadows. BirthThe Shadows. Fountain of BloodThe Shadows. LoveThe Shadows. Colateral DamagesTheb Shadows. Osito

Ruth Sancho creates visual poems using different design softwares. She present her poems in a performance called ¨The Shadows of the Words¨as well as selling them printed as postcards, posters, cushions, bags, notebooks, canvases, or lamps. She has present her visual poetry collections in different countries an events such as in GAP Gallery in Barcelona (Spain), Eltham Court House in Melbourne (Australia) or in different poetry reading in Australia.

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serpiente cojincojin ositotortugaI am a visual poem

The Shadows. UniverseThe Shadows. Spiritual DoveThe Shadows. JapanThe Shadows. BudhaThe Shadows. African religionThe Shadows. InmmigrationThe Shadows. HajHungerThe Shadows. JudaismThe Shadows. KrishnaThe shadows of the words 2The Shadows. Death Penalty