Doctor Giggles

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Doctor Giggles is an interactive game created as part of Ruth Sancho’s Master in Arts by Research in RMIT University (Melbourne, Australia). The game combines physical and digital play and aims to improve children self-esteem in hospital as well as changing the hospital environment in a more joyful and playful place. The project was implemented in two hospitals in Spain: Hospital de La Fe (Valencia) and Hospital Sant Joan de Deu (Barcelona). The case study run for a period of 5 days in total.

Hospital de LA FE (photos project) 2013 016

Using X-Rays and medical equipment children, parents, sibblings and relative participated in the development and creation of chinese shadows and puppets that not only they could use as a memento from the hospital but also were incorporated into the game.


The game presents a little doctor dressed in a hospital gown inside a theatre room. Players need to operate the doctor with different funny instruments from hospital that work differently as they use to. For instance, the gas mask makes the doctor laught, the X-Rays machine pops up chinesse shadows or graffities made by the children, the scalpel is a magic wand that changes the room light, etc.

Artistic Team

Project Director: Ruth Sancho Huerga

Graphic Designer: Yue Yue Mo

Sound Designer: Courtney Blackney

Programmer: Christopher Mackenzie

Hospital Sant Joan de Deu 2013 (2) 015

Portraits puppets

Puppets created by the workshops participants

photo children blogg

 photo shadow screen