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Ruth Sancho Huerga has published poetry, articles, short stories, and plays as well as participated as a guest in different writers and poetry festivals around the world.

Some of her poems, articles and short stories has been published in different international magazines such as: International PEN Writers Melbourne, Blue Gum, Australian Studies Center (University of Barcelona), Coolabah (University of Barcelona), The Writer Centre Magazine, Literarias Siglo XXI, The Australian Rationalist Society Magazine, Diasporic Literature Magazine, etc.

She has also participated as a guest speaker and writer in different festivals and events such as:  International Writers Festival of Melbourne, IFLIT Festival of Literature and Ideas, Overload Poetry Festival, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Forum NESB Writers, Western Australia Poetry Festival, PEN Cross Cultural Translation Salon, Youth Forum for Human Rights (Multicultural Arts Victoria), GAP Gallery, etc .

She was the recipient of the Award  «Spanish Cultural Cooperation Program» (Australia) in 2010 and 2011 for her Visual-Digital Poetry Projects and also the Award «Jóvenes Creadores» for her Theatre Play «Entre vía y ví-a…» (Generalitat Valenciana, Spain, 1996).


Literarias Siglo XXI

PEN Writers

Coolabah (University of Barcelona)

Diasporic Literature

Blue Gum (University of Barcelona)

Victorian Writers Center