Blood Wedding




Blood Wedding (by Federico García Lorca) is a Spanish tragedy focused on a woman and the two men who loved her. The show directed by Marion Pots was a bilingual adaptation (English and Spanish) of Lorca´s play that maintained the main issues of the tragedy: love, betrayal, tradition, honour, and passion.  The show was set in the actual time keeping the mystery, magic, metaphoric atmosphere  and tragedy characteristics proper to real play. Ruth sancho Huerga (the servant) was nominated as a Best Actress for the Green Room Theatre Awards (Australia), one of the most recognised Theatre Awards in Australia.

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Adapted by Raimondo Cortese
Director: Marion Potts
Set and Costumes Design: The Sisters Hayes
Lighting Design: Paul Jackson
Composition: Tim Rogers
Sound Design: Russell Goldsmith
Assistant Director: Claudia Escobar
Stage Manager: Lisa Osborn
Assistant Stage Manager: Rebecca Poulter


Silvia Colloca
Nicole Da Silva
Ivan Donato
Mariola Fuentes
Ruth Sancho Huerga
Irene del Pilar Gomez
Matias Stevens
Greg Ulfan
David Valencia

Download: Dossier of the Show

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