Hades Fading

«I’ve just had a sudden memory. I was a child, reaching out to touch the clouds which floated by me, stained pink and orange by the slanting sun. And how surprised I was that my little hand went right through them- that the clouds dissipated around my tiny fingers when I had expected I could take hold of them, and knead them like clay, to shape in as many faces, animals, dragons, as I wanted. I am sure this happened…»


Performers: Ruth Sancho Huerga and Dan Witton

Designer: Emily Barrie

AV Designer: Nicholas Verso

Writter / Concept: Sandra Fiona Long

Dramaturge: Maude Davey

Hades Fading 8

Hades Fading 6

Hades Fading 11

Hades Fading 12

Hades Fading 7

Hades Fading was a work in project that explores the concept of memory and history. Based on the ancient legend of Eurydice and Orpheus, both characters are trapped into a library, from where Eurydice desperately tries to find out the  historical facts that will lead her to compose the real story of their myth. Moreover, Eurydice will have to fight against time as Orpheus is falling down in a deep sleep and losing his memory, waking up at intervals just to play. While Eurydice fights to maintain history alive, Orpheus’ memory vanishes into time and space. The project questions the way history is created and told as well as the need to keep historical memory alive.

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Hades Fading 5