Robots, Avatars and Ghosts

Robots, Avatars and Ghost explored the use of live motion capture – driven and 3D avatars and robots in dramatic theatre. The work was part of an Australia Council Artlab research project to develop new approaches to using digital technology in dramatic theatre. The play was a version of the theatre play Ghosts by Henry Ibsen.

Deakin and Motorbikes 088

Deakin and Motorbikes 084


Robots 4Robots 2Robots 1Robots 3

Project Director: Gorken Acaroglu


Vincs, Kim
Divers, Peter
Skovli, Daniel
McCormick, John
Le, Vu
Fielding, Mick
Watson, Matthew
Abdi, Hamid
Abdelrahmen, W.
Mullins, James
Nadjovski, Zoran7
Nahavandi, Saeid
Wei, Lei

Ruth Sancho created the movements of the robot as a performer.