Billete Abierto

  Billete Abierto

¨Billete Abierto¨ (¨Open Ticket¨) is a monologue directed by Javier de Dios and written and performed by Ruth Sancho Huerga. The show tell the story of a young woman who, looking for real happiness, travels all around the world.

With hilarious comedy, passing through the theater of the absurd and the clown, Open Ticket invites the audience to the great adventure of searching for human experience. A fun, poetic, honest and emotional trip, in which we will meet multiple characters that will take us from the mystical mysticism of India to dingos who speak and sing in the Australian desert; from drinking the passion of the Caribbean rhythm or the jungle to admire the greatness of Egypt and the contradictions of the Arab conflict. Finally, and already desperate, our protagonist will be abducted by  aliens, who will try to convince her to forget her human existence forever. Will this be the answer to so many years of searching for human happiness on Earth ? But a stroke of luck returns Ruth ‘where they need her most’, and she lands directly on the place where the work is being performed (Spain, Argentina, Australia, England), the land that saw her leaving so long time ago.

Open ticket is a song to life and to theater. A one-woman show that makes us laugh, cry, participate and reflect on the only duty of all of us: the duty to be happy.


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